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>> we have a suspect in custody. i want to thank all of the partners who worked tirelessly over the last four days including the fbi, the transit police, our brothers with the boston police department, the u.s. attorney's office and the support that we have gotten from our governor over the last four days. we are exhausted, folks, but we have a victory here tonight. so let's not forget those people along the way. thanks very much. >> we got em. that's the tweet from boston mayor tom menino and the boston pd, captured.
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the hunt is over, the search is done. the terror is over, and justice has won. good morning, everyone. thanks for sticking with us. i'm greg jarod. >> at that press conference, greg, they said law enforcement sources, we are exhausted, folks, we are exhausted. >> everybody is emotionally exhausted too. >> i hope they are getting some rest. the officers actually cheered as the suspect was taken into custody in watertown, massachusetts and so did all of the people standing around. just before 9:00 last night residents flooding the streets , some chanting usa. here is a photo from our sources within the atm -- atf of atf medics working on the suspect under first on the ground and then in an ambulance. boston's police commissioner says the suspect, 19-year-old jaw car tsarnaev is in critical condition. >> we always want to take somebody alive so we can find out what happened and why it happened and we can hold them for justice. >> we have live team coverage,
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continuous coverage. mike tobin is live at the scene of the take down in watertown, mass and adam howsely is at massachusetts general where the suspect is being treated. adam, let's begin with you. >> greg, you mentioned about the police officers and how tired they are. they are still here on guard. in fact, the numbers are down a bit. there are five outside the entrance of the hospital. but all-around the beth israel medical center where the suspect is located there are police officers everywhere. significant presence outside and inside though the numbers are down a bit from when we first arrived five hours ago. inside we are told the suspect has multiple injuries. there has been conflicting reports out. we have been told he was shot to the head and thousand we hear maybe the neck. he was obviously shot in the head or neck area. we were also told he was shot in the leg or hand as well. we know he has been shot at least twice and one of those wounds he suffered from the
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gunbattle roughly 20 hours before he was captured. we were told at last check that he was in surgery and in critical, but stable condition in a sense they felt he would make it through the night. he did have serious injuries. we have not been updated since that time, and we don't know if we will get anymore from our sources because of the late nature of the night here. but you do know -- we do know he has guards inside and outside of his hospital room. that will continue of course throughout the time he is here. this is the same hospital his brother was brought, and of course died. also one of the many hospitals in the boston area where victims have been taken after monday's bombings of the marathon. tbreg? >> add gem howsel -- adam howsley where suspect number two is being treated. thanks. >> boston strong, that was the rally cry that could be seen and heard within the hours of the deadly marathon bombing. the entire area united and determined to see one of the two brothers turn terror
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suspects captured. ending five days of anger over the suspects who turned the celebration of patriots day and the marathon into an absolute nightmare. mike tobin is live just sout side in watertown -- is live outside in watertown, massachusetts. relief and happiness are over flowing and hopefully a little shut eye, mike. they probably didn't sleep the last few nights. >> no, and i think those people are glad to have this chapter closed. glad to have this manhunt ended. this is where it ended and some of the real estate you can see behind me. 24r* is a boat at the end of the driveway. one of the own -- one of the owners came out shortly after the lock down was lifted. he noticed something was out of line and looked under the boat cover and saw him in there. pretty soon the emergency vehicles were in route to this location. they raced through the crowd
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and they raced through the neighborhood to get up there. there was concern that he was strapped with explosives. there was a violent confrontation, but it ended without further loss of life. it has to be noted that tsarnaev has not been read his miranda right. there is a threat to public safety exemption and that gives them the a continue to question him and find out if there are additional threats hanging around out there, jaime. >> mike tobin, thank you very much. now over to greg. >> monday's deadly bombing is being called by some the first on a large scale since 9/11. does this raise questions about how good our national security really is? will we have to make some changes? joining us is kt mcfarland our national security analyst host of fox news live def con 3.
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hats off to everybody in-law enforcement. >> awesome. >> they did a great job here. law enforcement in general has done a good job in foiling other terror plots. the subway bombings in new york that were planned and foiled. >> time square, underwear bomber. >> it was a citizen that helped out on that one. the list goes on and on and on. they didn't stop this one in advance. what does this say about our national security if anything? >> you have to be right -- you know you have to be right 100% of the time and they only have to be right once. the other thing i keep coming back to is i am surprised we haven't had this sort of thing before. it is easy to do. all you need to do is go on-line and there is that "inspire magazine" that is like martha stewart living for terrorists. there is an article on how to build a bomb in the kitchen of my mom. it is easy and cheap and you can do it with very little infrastructure and warning. our intelligence services got
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very good at seeing big stuff. we have been able to track money , large amounts of money coming overseas to the united states and back and forth. we have been able to track large infrastructure organizations. we were able to december mate the leadership of al-qaeda in afghanistan and pakistan and in the franchises and other parts of the world, but we are not going to be very good at seeing the one or two guys that decide they want to make jay hoed and kill people -- jihad and kill people. >> i hate to ask this question because i am afraid of the answer. will we see more of this? >> i think you will absolutely see more of this. think about it. we have seen two guys who don't seem to have much going for them. they weren't down-and-outers. they were kids with great opportunities and they have kept the entire world sitting on the edge of their seats. they lock locked down a major united states city. they closed down transportation up and down the east coast while we tried to find two guys.
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if you want to make a splash and go out in style, if you are angry and want to make jihad, what a great way to do it. >> these two suspected it bombers from chechnya which has long been at war with first of soviet union and then russia. does this present an opportunity of some sort? >> that's a great question. if you look at the obama administration they tried to have a reset relation with russia. that's not how it works. it has been an absolute disaster . every time putin and obama meet putin scolds obama. here might be an opportunity to say look you don't like the chechens? is there anyway we can work together to deal with international terrorism. you may not have been worried about them before this, but you have just as much of a problem with all of the countries on your periphery that are potentially becoming radical islamic states of the -- states.
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is there a way to work together maybe on this one thing and then it can lead to cooperation on other things? ultimately we would love their cooperation on iran and the nuclear program, but maybe we can take these baby steps to say let's start sharing intelligence. how do you see this threat evolving? maybe we can work on that. >> do you think it was the russians that two years ago tipped off the fbi that lead them to interview literally the older 26-year-old brother? >> maybe. maybe there was kazakstan. there were a lot of other countries where this family has moved around to in central asia. they were in russia in the chechnya part of russian. russia. there are suggestions they may have been in another country. kazakstan is a successful, oil rich country. they have a clamp down on what they see is a rising neighborhood of islamic extremistism. they have been tough on it. >> is the fbi going to have an
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internal look? >> you better believe we will have a look. how did we let that one get through? and how many others are like that? we have gotten really great at doing electronic intelligence and eavesdropping and looking from our satellites. what we are not that great at is the guy on the ground. that's what you need. that's why in a lot of times the chechens, the terrorist group has tried to work with brothers. there is great operational security. >> there was no chatter. there was nothing going on. >> talk about it over the dinner table. >> seems pretty professional. >> i think there are a lot more strings that we have to follow through.
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is it too early to disietd the charges and the punishment? what do you think? >> i think over the next few days, the u.s. attorney and the attorney general and others will be making the decision about what sort of charges they want to seek. i think at this point it certainly would not surprise me or not really surprise anyone if they pursue charges under a federal law that would include the death penalty. >> the question i have and it is an attorney as well in terms of gathering evidence on both sides for the prosecution and also for the defense is whether or not the brothers had a connection to others. either in the united states or internationally. federal court seems to be the appropriate place for this if
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they go with a civil trial, but he could be considered an enemy combat -- combatant. what would happen then? >> he would be subjected to trial before a military tribunal. that clearly is appropriate in a lot of cases and is terrorism. that depends on the facts that we are able to gather in the days ahead about whether it is appropriate to try through the regular domestic criminal system or whether he is a candidate for a military tribunal. for what it is worth, it does appear the administration has been sending fairly strong signals that they are going to pursue a domestic criminal route. in this case -- route in this case rather than a tribunal option. >> is that a good decision? >> it is hard to say because we don't have the information. you talked about the facts that would be relevant to that decision. whether he is operating alone or whether a public trial would compromise our intelligence gathering
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abilities and whether it gives the terrorists an opportunity to spread propaganda and that sort of thing. those are a lot of considerations that went into the decision whether or not to tried khalid sheik mohamed. they are in the process of gathering the facts and trying to piece together the puzzle of what happened, and whether or not this guy was part of a larger terrorist organization or whether he was more the rogue actor side of the ledger jie. and there may be others who should also be subject to charges. my question for you is what is the benefit to a public trial? this came up very much with khalid sheik poe ham immediate and having a trial where everybody would hear everything. it would give him a forum or a stage in which to spew propaganda.
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>> if it is a federal trial in the criminal system there are a number of them. as far as we know he is an american citizen and he does have constitutional rights. on the other hand or i should say in addition there is a public value to having a lot of the evidence played out in public. people can have confidence due process was followed and the justice was served when they are forced to put the evidence on the table and make arguments and secure a conviction. i should note that it seems clear cut. it doesn't seem to be a lot of doubt as to whether or not they have the right guy or whether he is innocent. so it appears right now they have the right guy, and that a
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federal criminal trial in the domestic system would be capable of bringing justice. there are a lot of facts that go into that and we don't have access to them at this point in time. >> while you seem convinced of the things you said, i like to take it slow as i'm sure the authorities will in gathering everything and making sure they have all of their ducks in a row. thank you for your insight. very, very helpful. >> absolutely, take care. now it has turned from manhunt to an investigation. we can expect the fbi and the cia will certainly be looking to find out how these terror suspects were able to operate. that's coming up next. jay today the city >> the communities can breathe a sigh of relief knowing two perpetrators who caused so much pain and anguish are no longer a threat to our personal safety and to our communities.
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of course in all of this we cannot forget the victims. there is eight-year-old martin richard, crystal campbell and lou ling ze. all killed as a result of the bombing on monday and so many were injured. most recently mit police officer sean collier was killed during a shootout last night and our heart felt -- heart felt warm prayers and thoughts to their families. we are learning more about the alleged bombers at the boston marathon including where they came from and how they might have been radicalized if they were. we just don't know. for one of the brothers it wasn't even his first run in
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with the feds. peter doosey has more. >> that's right, greg. back in early 2011 the fbi says a foreign government reached out and is asked them to use their resources to check in on tamerlan because they thought he had ties. they went to work looking for derogatory phone calls or on-line searches or posts that promoted radical activity. any associates thoan to be radicals. they looked at his travel history and travel plans, his education history. the fbi interviewed tamerlan and his family members, but we don't know which family members. what we know is they didn't find anything suspicious. no proof of terrorist activity so they cleared him and losed the case. and closed the case. they told the foreign government who was inquiring that if they were ever worried about tamerlan again they should bring it to the fbi's attention again and they would follow-up once more.
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that government never followed up again and that was two years ago. early last year we know that tamerlan traveled with a kir swrik stan passport to see his father in russia and pes physically chechnya. of a -- after a few months he returned to set up a youtube account and he used it to post and promote radical jihad clips. we heard from the dad he was visiting. he said he thinks his sons are being set up. we don't know how he plays into this. we don't know the motive behind monday's marathon bombing in boston was to promote chechen causes. authorities at this point say the motive is wide open. >> peter, thanks. police in massachusetts are waiting to interview the suspect in the hospital for the boston marathon terror attacks. the younger brother who is in surgery now at this time,
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early morning. i spoke to our stris -- to our terrorist expert, and he talked about the two men's possible radical ties and the evolution for our country overall of what may be homegrown terror. how important is it while we define what connections they have beyond each other? >> very important. those connections are going to tell us two things. number one, who actually radicalized them? everybody is talking about the phenomenon. it is not enough to be chechen or russian. who radicalized them is one. who provided them with the training? to organize the bombing campaign and killing one for the second suspect to survive and resist law enforcement, that is a big question. >> rebels with chechen ties
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are known to use pressure cookers as bombs. when you look at the sophistication of the devices and you look at the overall picture of the two young men here for so long and then pulling off this act now is it pretty clear hearing about the travel of the older brother for six months back to russia that there was some training? a high level security source of mine told me today it seems clear to him they had paramilitary training. even if you just look at their conduct during the shootouts of not today, but the pri polic. >> absolutely there is a consensus among the military experts, the tactile experts i spoke with that they have some at least basic militia training or basic military training in terms of not just to create the bombs, the sophisticated -- the nonsophisticated bombs, but
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how to place them and where to place them and how to draw on time. and as you mentioned the engagement, the fighting and the firefighting with the law enforcement. beyond that let's go back to our own history here over the past four or five years. we had more than 40 cases of similar attempts by different people. what connects everything is one an ideology and a minimal training. many of those attempted to attack our homeland security. they tried to have their own training camp. >> that is frightening. what we also heard that is of concern to me and others is no intel other than hearing about the warning from the other nation about the older brother. but with respect to this incident and knowing soft targets may be on the horizon,
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no chatter. again no claim of responsibility from any organization beyond these two brothers. does it have the hallmark or the markings of any group you are familiar with? >> whether it is central asia or the middle east or europe or here, that is three points, number one the fact that there is no chatter indicated this is highly professional. there is too much chatter. it wouldn't be what the enemy would like to achieve which a strike. number two the fact we have been warned we have seen this where we were warned by the europeans at some point and the russians and the inned generals and even our arab allies. the problem is there is a blindness in washington with regard to radicalization. we were told these guys are radical and saying this and
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posting it. and then we go to the internet, oh, of course they were radical. >> let me ask you this because the police work in this particular case potentially solving this quickly. keeping folks safe beyond the initial tragedy at the marathon except for this mit police officer officer and the other officer trying to recover is there a message for terrorists, if you attempt this you won't get away with it? is there anything discouraging on anyone else the way this was handled? >> if we use it well politically what the law enforcement and the fbi has done has about great. we haven't been able to go after them. the idea putting their pictures is sophisticated. on our behalf and everybody helped. the leadership our president
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should go out and deliver a strong message. the congression alleyeders will go out and deliver a strong message. this is not a tragedy or a chapter that has closed. this is going to be a long battle with these terrorists. >> all right dr. ferris joined us early yes, sir. meanwhile at this hour, a suspect in the bombing is in the hospital after suffering injuries while running from police. we will have a live report updating you on his condition. >> and we will hear from the son of the family that owns the house where that suspect was found hiding as we continue our coverage of the boston marathon bombing arrest.
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>> something must have happened in the past few weeks that triggered something. as of last monday i never would assume he would do something close to this. >> now is surgery authorities hope he recovers from his injuries because they want to get information from him. police have not commented on the specifics of his injuries, but fox news obtained this picture taken right after he was captured. there he is on the ground being tended to. joining us with more information on the condition is adam howsley who is outside the hospital in boston of the adam?
12:32 am
>> they haven't given us the latest condition. we don't know if he is still being operated on at this hour. i can show you behind me when we got here there were a lot of police cars. you can see they have scaled things back. there is still significant security here. beth israel is a large campus that encompasses a number of buildings. even the billings that -- buildings that he would not be in have extra security outside and inside and all-around. we know up where he is being cared for there is special security there. not so much that he is going to get away, but to ensure nothing happens to the suspect or vigilantism or anything along those lines. they want to ensure that he recovers. he was this surgery and that was awhile ago. we don't know if he is still in surgery. it is very late and we are not
12:33 am
expecting updates whatsoever. we know authorities want to talk to him when he has some recovery and he is able to of course speak to them. we don't know when that will be. that is part of the investigation. as we were coming over here we had a chance to meet some people and along the way you can see people in boston coming out of their homes. in many cases lights coming back to the city. on the scaner we met somebody who was captured and many of the officers who were thanking the dispatchers for the work they have done. the first responders have worked many hours and now that they are resting and recovering there is an armed guard here as long as the suspect is at this location. >> adam howsley live where the suspect is being treated. thanks. >> tense moments especially for one watertown family.
12:34 am
if you have been following the coverage you saw it unfold. it was their backyard they heard the younger brother was hiding out. earlier tonight greta spoke with the step-son of the home's owners, robert duffy. listen. >> he went over to the boat for a closer look. he found a strap that had been cut, not torn or worn through. it was deliberately cut. he was kind of stranged out by the whole thing. noticed a small amount of blood in this area. and then he took his little stepladder he uses to enter and exit the boat and went under the tarp and saw a small pool of blood immediately there and looked forward and because the tarp ab secured a lot of -- obscured the sunlight he saw what he believed to be a crumpled body bloody in the front of the body.
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in the front of the boat. >> this is incredible. can you imagine he approaches the boat. if there was a bomb threat which they tell me the older brother was wearing in the shootout. if he was armed and could have attacked this man who was just innocently peeking. >> we could have had another death. >> we are so lucky he called 9-1-1 and they descended on the house that we all watched. they are okay and the suspect is in custody in the hospital. >> that's right. now that the last two suspected it boston marathon m boors are in custody, experts are delving into what might motivate a person to perpetrate the heinous act of violence. joining us is dr. ron bailey who specializes in behavioral sciences. i realize it is a complex question and there may be a
12:36 am
wide variety of factors. to pose the obvious, why would somebody do this? >> it is difficult to figure out how we try our best in post exams to ask about their -- these activities. also we find they have fear themselves, being impotent and unable to act on you. a fear of being able to get their way or to be strong or active in all of their considerations. >> i would imagine some of the come pone nepts would be anger , alienation, a feeling of being disenfranchised. do those pack ter into a terrorist? >> clearly. we think these issues of depression and anxiety are substantial. there is ear tau built and agitation and they feel less able to engage in actions where they can decrease that or dissipate it.
12:37 am
they act out to get back on track. unfortunately it puts the lives and risks of other people at risk. >> are terrorists normal in the sense of not being psychotic this. >> they can be. we find people are not by definition psychopathic or sigh psychotic. at times they may not at all, but often they learned adverse ways to engage in conflict or difficulty. >> we know terror groups screen out in fact emotionally and sick logically they are an inparent security risk. when a terrorist adopts a cause do they also adopt a sort of collective identity being part of a clicket tiffist. cause -- >> typically. a person that engages in this
12:38 am
behavior it is cause or comrade. a cause is bigger than individuals or a problem based on a family member or co-worker or relative. on the issue of regarding cause it can be difficult to understand. they might be political or national us stick. they might be a religious background or something we don't know about that is so important to them and not the rest of us. >> do they convince themselves violence against a government and its people is not immoral. we think so. for those of us who believe morality and ethical values there are some things you won't do. women and children are classic examples. a person has to not give that much value and importance if they will take the risk of
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striking out in this way. the bombs were meant to hurt random persons. persons who might be running by in the marathon or bystanders. that what causes bigger fear. it could have been us. >> are these the kinds of people who can be very naive and gullible and vol -- vulnerable for being influenced and brainwashed into a cause? >> absolutely. we can see persons who may function psychologically on the fringes of mainstream. they may not be the leaders if i will in their social circle it is easy to pick up on somebody else's idea so one leader can uh frect other persons in the violent act.
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>> always the leader and the followers. usually the leader is a heroic avenger. more about it. stick with us. we will come back to you later on in the newscast, dr. ron daly. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. it is one of the hardest thing to get in the mind now that they have done this of the question now is what will police do to make sure justice is served. they said justice is served now.
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>> tonight our nation is in debt to the people of boston and the people of massachusetts. after a vicious attack on their city. bostonians responded with
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resolve and determination. they did their part as citizens and partners in this investigation. boston police and state police and local police across the commonwealth of massachusetts responded with professionalism and bravery over five long days. tonight because of their determined efforts we have closed an important chapter in this tragedy. >> after a five-day manhunt the search is over for two suspects accused of setting off explosives, the finish line of monday's boston marathon. one suspect killed by police in a firefight last night. the other injured in that same shootout. he is in the hospital after being taken into custody late last night. let's look at the events leading up to the climactic end. >> after a detailed analysis, we are releasing photos of these two suspects. >> these are the two men that the agency believes were
12:45 am
responsible for monday's horrific bombing at the boston marathon. >> this is a fox news alert. police are on the scene of a shooting incident at the massachusetts institute of technology in boston. >> officer down. >> cam toc police officer was shot -- campus police officer was shot and s.w.a.t teams around the area are converging on the campus at mit. >> be advised, shots fired. >> there are various supports. two people wanted after a shootout and the shootout frankly that had massive amounts of gunfire exchanged back and forth. >> reporting explosives on the scene. >> it sounded like shotgun shells going off. >> at least 30 to 40 police cars from every direction. they went into full battle mode. they drew guns and went down the street and looking side to side and door-to-door. >> these guys are -- gee our local fox station, fox 26
12:46 am
boston here is reporting that suspect number one is dead at a local hospital. suspect number two is not accounted for. >> we believe this to be a terrorist. we believe this to be a man who has come here to kill people. >> could have an ied explosive device. >> there is a massive manhunt underway. lots of law enforcement involved in that. >> turn yourself in. >> the second suspect in the boston marathon bombing is now down. >> honestly that is a hint at what this community has gone through and the nation as we watched. after all that has happened this week a lot of people are asking where do we go from here? dr. ron bailey says it is important not to let fear win. if you do that is when the terrorists win. we will check back with him after a quick break.
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for me to be convinced that these two nephews of mine committed these kind of atrocities cannot be taken lightly. convince me. again i am repeating myself. then you will come back and
12:51 am
see my reaction. okay? >> part of a family some of who are in disbelief. the uncle of the two brothers said they were a shame to the family and all chechens. that was the aunt of the two chechen nationals and she was pleading with the fbi and the police for answers after finding out her nephews are the ones suspected it of the terror attacks in boston. one is dead and another in police custody in the hospital. the hunt is still on for answers. what may have caused these two brothers to allegedly take innocent lives? greg? >> certainly a horrible week for our nation. it is important that we keep it all in perspective. here now to answer some questions that still remain dr. ron bailey. he joins us once again. people yearn to know the answer to the simple question, the one word question, why? in search of motivations, i suppose could it be a wide
12:52 am
variety of things? for some people it gives them a sense of power to the powerless. for others it is hatred and for others it it is revenge or all of those -- are all of those factors? >> the why is as perplexing to those in a proposition and all in society. we try the best we can to look backwards on what individuals have said during the evaluations and placed under similar circumstances. there are a few things that are consistent. you mentioned about fear and feeling i'm pawent tent and not -- i'm tent and using any normal tee of ways. there is revenge and sense of entitlement or somehow they felt wronged by the system or by our government and country and university if you will. if they have a right to strike out in these most violent and adverse fashions, we can see
12:53 am
that pretty often. >> dr. this is jaime colby, i wanted to ask you this question during greg's interview where i learned so much. what is the difference between a young child that bullies another child, a domestic dispute and someone that may be cape cable of doing something so heinous as this? if we had the chance to do an autopsy as greg assures me they are on the older brother and study his brain what could be learn about terrorism if in fact he is guilty of what we saw unfold this week? >> those three items are a great concern to all of us. they can be very difficult in most cases. in a few circumstances perhaps lining this one they could be on a continuum. bullying implies that they take advantage of their strength or undo
12:54 am
circumstance. it puts it at a days advantage physically. when you mover to the extreme of these type of random, violent acts there are similarities. the idea of using a bomb or weapons and this -- these times of mass destruction, again i knee it as a person she has the same thing. it was developed over a long period of time. these individuals have been in the country for a geek cade or more. it is toward all of the institutions that our country represents. i think these are all concerns that have been expressed in certain circumstances when individuals have been interviewed and asked why they have engaged in this type of random acts of violence. >> is it anatomical and advertise yow logical, what is it. >> what we now about neuro biology is individuals who
12:55 am
have clinical depression or deficient if you will in some areas of a perfect transmitter. it has not been tied to particular acts it is socio logical. and the psychology is what is out of balance. >> perhaps a combination of a you will -- combination of it all. >> it is a reapings to the perception although by terrorists that their fundamentalist beliefs are under attack and threatened with extippings. and so it drives them to justify any means. even killing innocent women and children to achieve the end. >> similarly we -- you mentioned cause earlier. a person has a variety of causes and it can be
12:56 am
nationalism and religion in some circumstances and based on a economic mind set for example and they have been wronged and they are in a rightful position to strike out because they have been the victim ofy victimize. >> experience has been in interviewing persons that at times that is exactly what they might say. because they have been wronged they have the position to harm others. they have been the victim. the mind set that they are getting revenge is where it allows them to think this is rightful. >> dr. ron bailey have you given us unique insights into the minds of terrorists. thank you so much for taking the time to do so. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you, doctor. well, it has certainly been a busy night and early morning for us. we appreciate your being with us. i'm greg jarod.
12:57 am
all day friday and into saturday morning fox news has been all over the events, the shootout, the manhunt and the capture and the celebration. >> i'm jaime colby. we appreciate you being here. "fox and first first" will bring you much, much more. >> bye-bye. it's been pretty tough since jack passed away. it's a good thing you had life insurance through the colonial penn program. you're right. it was affordable, and we were guaranteed acceptance. guaranteed acceptance? it means you can't be turned down because of your health. you don't have to take a physical or answer any health questions. they don't care about your aches and pains. well, how do you know? did you speak to alex trebek? because i have a policy myself. it costs just $9.95 a month per unit. it's perfect for my budget. my rate will never go up. and my coverage will never go down
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TOPIC FREQUENCY Boston 21, Us 14, Fbi 7, Russia 6, Massachusetts 5, Watertown 5, Dr. Ron Bailey 4, Mike Tobin 3, Adam Howsley 3, Chechnya 3, Obama 2, Chechens 2, Kazakstan 2, Jaime Colby 2, U.s. 2, United States 2, Greta 1, Robert Duffy 1, Mit Police 1, Alex Trebek 1
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